Niveda Arora comes from Delhi. She has been a trained Yoga instructor with 5 years of long teaching experiences to various Yoga teacher training courses across different states of India and abroad. In this men dominated field of work she is a praiseworthy woman proving her presence with effective self practice and teaching.

Academically Niveda is a bachelor in arts from Delhi University where she studied History and Political Science. Later she studied Graphic Designing and worked for sometime as a Graphic Designer. It was in these years that she felt drawn towards Yoga. She quit her job and studied Post Graduation diploma in Yogic Science from Kaivalya Dham Pune.

After the completion of her Yoga study she moved to Dubai for sometime for teaching Yoga which was a stepping stone into her successful Yoga career. She returned from Dubai and started teaching Yoga in Goa. In Goa she taught Yoga at several places to people from all parts of the world coming for Yoga Retreats. Her classes were loved by people from all age group. She spent considerable long time in Goa receiving lots of success and experience for her future endeavour.

For the last 2 years Niveda has been in Rishikesh teaching at various Yoga Schools to students coming for Yoga Teacher Training from all parts of the world. In Yoga teaching her interests are Hatha, Vinyasa and Anatomy lectures.

Her classes are easy, clear, effective and informative that bring to her deeper admiration from the students she teaches. Though full time busy with Yoga teaching, Niveda is pursuing her Master in Yoga from Uttarakhand University that shows her studentship still receiving knowledge that she continues to pass on to her students in abundance.

 – – – Hari Om Tat Sat – – – 

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